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my studies
dipl.wirtsch.inf. means Diplom-Wirtschaftsinformatiker. Yes, the good old german Diplom. I was lucky to be one of the last students that could achieve this kind of title. In detail this academical title guarantees that I have obtained decent knowledge in both business administration and computer science/information technology.
During the main part of my studies I delved into
  • it security
  • information systems
  • multimedia and mobile applications
  • web technology
  • operations research (business administration) and
  • common classes in computer science.
  • intercultural training (1 year, additional study, focal point south america, asia)
The most interesting and exciting aspects of my studies were those where I could produce code, paper, sweat, anger or all four of them. Working in a team for most of the time reduced the chance of failing and increased the fun factor significantly.
Beneath I am proud to present some of the results I put much effort in:

diploma thesis [ge,pdf]

design of a security infrastructure for vehicular ad-hoc networks (vanets)

CryptoSpeed [zip]

As a goodie/add-on for my diploma thesis I developed a (small) java tool for measuring the processing time of common cipher and signature algorithms.
To use it you have to install and configure the Bouncy Castle Crypto API, available here.

usage: java -jar CryptoSpeed.jar -s|-c [-m ] [-l ] [-o ] [-v]
-c <blow|rsa|3des|aes|all> cipher with specified algorithm
-l <loops> count of loops; optional
-m <message length> message length in bytes; optional
-o <file> specify output file; optional
-s <ecc|rsa|md5|dsa|sha1|all> sign with specified algorithm
-v (very) verbose output; optional

seminararbeit - it security [ge,pdf]

detailed source code analysis of an internet worm (sql-slammer)

projektseminar - multimedia [link]

In those times where ipaqs were new, fancy and cool gadgets a small team including myself designed and programmed a flash application for this platform. We had to consider certain restrictions and design goals:
  • hardware restrictions of an ipaq (processing power, small screen)
  • all forms of media should be included
  • "teaching touch": almost everybody should be able to understand the content illustrated in this guided tour
A second team programmed a smil application in the meantime: same content, same design goals. I will try to present this application in future, too.
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