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Free and freelancing

My last project in Munich ended on December 19th. A huge global high tech combine kept my stress level high. I have learned far more in client psychology and politics than in technical details. First I was really disappointed that the role I fulfilled over a year offered not that much development opportunities in technical aspects.

As the months passed by I learned very much of my senior manager aboard. For future engagements I have gathered a lot of mental equipment waiting to get unleashed.

Now the whole January is pure leisure time. Instead of flying into sunny places around the world I prefer to design and equip my new home. And of course, I am busy with lots of my freelancing projects:

  • enhancements at www.edelstahl-handel.com which is running great!
  • migrations from mambo and joomla 1.0 installations to the better 1.5 version
  • performance enhancements in all my web projects (css, js, images)
  • two new projects in the Stamsried area to be announced here soon

In February, I am awaiting a new project, although doing some proposals in Munich would not be so bad for the start into 2009...

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